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I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2007 (Wreck 'Em!!!) and moved to Houston! I love to take pictures, travel, tequila, and the number three. Also, I have a kitteh named Hadley. I sometimes say funneh stuff on twitter, and put videos of my friends on youtube.


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Sep 15 '11

Survivor South Pacific premiered last night. The team I’m rooting for is Savaii!

Each contestant reminded us of something from animated movies, so we decided to give each of them nicknames.

  • Semhar - Princess
  • Ozzy - Jack Sparrow
  • Jim - Gaston
  • Whitney - step sister (We haven’t decided who she is yet.)
  • Elyse - Mulan
  • Dawn - Evil Stepmother
  • John - Dwarf
  • Keith - Handsome Prince <3
  • Mark - Papa Bear
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